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15 June 2008

NEW ARTICLE - Natalya Demkina – The Girl with X-Ray Vision?

15 October 2007

NEW SITE - Brian Haughton - Webmaster of Mysterious People now has a MySpace site.

3 September 2007

NEW ARTICLE - Apollonius of Tyana - Ancient Wonder Worker and Mystic.

4 June 2007

NEW ARTICLE - The Mystery of the Green Children - The strange story of the appearance of two enigmatic children
in Woolpit, England.

26 April 2007

Occult People - An Introduction to the Occultists and Mystics section of the site.

16 April 2007

NEW ARTICLE - Omm Sety - Omm Sety - Priestess of Ancient Egypt. A case of reincarnation?

5 Jan 2007

NEW PAGE - Hidden History - Information page about Brian Haughton's new book Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge, And Ancient Mysteries.

30 October 2006

NEW ARTICLE - Florence Cook - Florence Cook and Katie King. The amazing story of a Spiritualist medium.

5 October 2006

NEW ARTICLE - José Arigó - Alleged Psychic Surgeon and Healer.

21 August  2006

NEW ARTICLE - Mind Power  - An Introduction to Psychics & Mediums.

8 August  2006

NEW ARTICLE - Patience Worth  - Proof of Reincarnation?

25 July  2006

NEW ARTICLE - The Feral Child  - An Introduction to Feral Children cases

18 July  2006

NEW ARTICLE - Anne Jefferies and the Fairies  - A Real Fairy Tale?

11 July  2006

NEW ARTICLE - Poltergeist - Introduction  The Poltergeist - A Short History of Poltergeist Activity.

4 July  2006

NEW ARTICLE - Aleister Crowley  Strange happenings on the shores of Loch Ness.

15 May  2006

ARTICLE UPDATE - Kaspar Hauser - Unsolved Mystery

30 January 2006

NEW FEATURE - A Real Ghost Picture from Dorset?  Alleged ghost picture from Dorset.


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