Mysteries, Hoaxes and Eccentrics

Psychic Terms - Definitions - Ever wondered about the meaning of ESP, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy . . .?

Weird People - Introduction
Introductory description of the hoaxes, mysteries, weird & eccentric
people in  the section.

The Mystery of the Green Children
The strange story of the appearance of two enigmatic children in Woolpit, England.

Sarah Wilson - The Princess Susanna Hoax
A mysterious young 18th century English impostor and her daring
hoax in America.

Princess Caraboo - Mary Willcocks
The remarkable 19th century servant girl princess hoax.

Henry More Smith
19th century Houdini - The strange story of an escapologist,
eccentric, impostor and magician.

Bella in the Wych-Elm
Bizarre murder mystery in Hagley Wood, in the English Midlands.

Charles Wade and the Ghosts of Snowshill 
Eccentric English collector and the ghosts of his Cotswold manor

Bampfylde Moore-Carew - King of the Gypsies 
Story of the eccentric Devon traveller, adventurer, gypsy king and impostor.


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Psychic Terms - Definitions - Ever wondered about the meaning of ESP, psychokinesis, psychic healing,
clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection . . .?


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