The Occult, Magic & Mysticism 

Occult People - Introduction to the Occultists and Mystics featured on Mysterious People.

Omm Sety - Priestess of Ancient Egypt. A case of reincarnation?

Aleister Crowley
In 1899, this infamous occultist purchased Boleskine House, on the shores of Loch Ness. What strange rites took place there and is the House cursed?

Apollonius of Tyana - Ancient wonder worker and mystic.

Dion Fortune  
Influential and outspoken ritual magician, occult / esoteric author, founder of the Society of the Inner Light.

Alexandra David-Neel  
French-born Mystic, student of the occult & eastern mysticism, pioneer traveller in Tibet.

Egyptian Mystery   
Paul Brunton in  the Great Pyramid. A mystic experiences astral projection in the King's Chamber.

Occult Mystery  
The Strange Death of Netta Fornario, a student of ritual magic & member of the occult organisation the 'Alpha et Omega Temple'.  

Anna Bonus Kingsford 
19th century Mystic, Theosophist, follower of Western mysticism and  Hermetic magic. Her ideas profoundly influenced the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.


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