strange powers, weird abilities

Psychic Powers and Abilities

Mind Power - An Introduction
An introduction to psychics and mediums. Brief discussion of claims of clairvoyance, psychokinesis, automatic writing & other 'psychic abilities'.

Florence Cook and Katie King
The strange story of a 19th century Spiritualist Medium.

Jos? Arig? - The Story of a Brazilian 'Psychic Surgeon' & Healer.

Patience Worth - Proof of Reincarnation?
Is the case of Pearl Curran / Patience Worth proof of Reincarnation or split personality?

Matthew Manning - Psychic Healer
Claimed psychic & healer whose experiences apparently began with poltergeist phenomena at his home and went on to include ESP, automatic writing and painting, metal bending & finally psychic healing.

Natalya Demkina ? The Girl with X-Ray Vision? Controversial claims of Russian psychic healer.

Psychic Terms - Definitions - Ever wondered about the meaning of ESP, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy . . .?

The Psychic Powers of Nina Kulagina  
Russian woman with claims of psychic powers. Allegedly able to move a range of different objects using her mind. Also filmed apparently displaying psychokinetic abilities.

Edgar Cayce - Prophecy & Clairvoyant Healing 
Controversial Kentucky-born psychic, prophet, healer. Famous for alleged psychic powers, healing abilities & past-life readings, many involving Atlantis.

The Psychic Abilities of Stella C
Tested by Harry Price, this young English psychic medium allegedly displayed a range of apparently psychic powers & abilities, including precognition & psychokinesis. 



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Psychic Terms - Definitions - Ever wondered about the meaning of ESP, psychokinesis, psychic healing,
clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection . . .?

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