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Mysterious People - Bibliography

Bain, Donald
. The Control of Candy Jones. Chicago, Playboy Press, 1976. (reissued by Barricade books in 2002 as The CIAs Control of Candy Jones, with new introduction by Bain).  The book on Candy Jones based largely on the hypno-regression tapes of Long John Nebel.

Bates, WalterHenry More Smith. The Mysterious Stranger. New Brunswick, Non-Entity Press, 1979 (1817). The story of Smith / Moon written by a man who knew him well - the High Sheriff of Kings County, New Brunswick. 

Cavendish, Richard (ed). The Encyclopedia of the Unexplained. London & Henley. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1974. Subtitled  'Magic, Occultism and Parapsychology' covers all aspects of the 'paranormal' and includes an excellent bibliography.

Clark, Jerome
Unexplained. (2nd edition) Detroit, London, Visible Ink, 2000. Reasonable collection of forteana.

Crowe, CatherineThe Night Side of Nature. Hertfordshire, Wordsworth Editions Ltd; London, The Folklore Society. 2000 (1848). Classic Victorian account of ghosts and poltergeists with details of the Anglique Cottin case. 

Dash, MikeBorderlands. London, Arrow Books, 1997. Well researched and referenced, and often very sceptical compendium of strange happenings, weird creatures and odd people. Has details of Delphos UFO case and brief reference to Eleonore Zugun.

David-Neel, Alexandra. Magic and Mystery in Tibet. Dover Publications Inc.,1971 (1932). David-Neel's absorbing account of her incredible journeys includes interesting descriptions of various aspects of Tibetan religion and mysticism.

Edwards, FrankStrange People. London, Pan Books. 1966. Fascinating but untrustworthy collection of assorted unusual, weird and odd people. Has articles on J. Raoul Derosiers, Lulu Hurst, Mollie Fancher, A.W. Underwood, Edgar Cayce.

Fort, CharlesThe Complete Books of Charles Fort. New York, Dover, 1974. A wealth of strange information and happenings in this one volume edition of the four books written by pioneer investigator of the unexplained Charles Fort. Has references to Princess Caraboo, Kaspar Hauser, Anglique Cottin, A.W. Underwood, and many more unusual people.

Fortune, Dion. Psychic Self-Defence. London, S.I.L. (Trading) Ltd., 1997 (1930). Do's and don'ts in the world of the occult.

Fortune, Dion  The Mystical Qabalah. London, Ernest Benn Ltd., 1979 (1935). Classic overview of the Hebrew occult system.

Foster, Barbara and MichaelThe Secret Lives of Alexandra David-Neel. New York, The Overlook Press, 1998. The most reliable modern account in English of Alexandra's extraordinary life. 

Gauld, Alan, Cornell, A.D. Poltergeists. London, Boston and Henley, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979. Reference work on poltergeists with a thorough treatment of the Eleonore Zugun case.

Gordon, SThe Paranormal. An Illustrated Encyclopedia. London, Headline, 1992. Collection includes short articles on Alexandra David-Neel, Dion Fortune and John Cowper Powys.

Gordon, SThe Book of Hoaxes. London, Headline, 1996. Another useful collection, short biographical articles on Sarah Wilson (taken from E. Larson's book), Princess Caraboo and more.

Gould, ROddities. A Book of Unexplained Facts. New York, University Books, 1965. Collection of  'true mysteries' originally published in 1928 and revised in 1944. Source for information about Bottineau; also has an excellent piece on The Devil's Hoof-Marks.

Grantmyre, B. Lunar Rogue. New Brunswick, Brunswick Press, 1963. Book telling the story of Henry More Smith / Henry Frederick Moon based partly on Walter Bates' Mysterious Stranger, but with some of the author's own research added.

Gutch, J.MCaraboo: A Narrative of a Singular Imposition. London, 1817. (Click on the title to go to hypertext version of the book at Mr Xs Fortean site).

Inglis, Brian. The Paranormal - An Encyclopedia of Psychic Phenomena. London. Granada publishing, 1985. Wide coverage of the topic with useful bibliography.

Inglis, Brian.  Natural and Supernatural - A History of the Paranormal. Bridport: Prism Press, 1992. History of the paranormal from earliest times to 1914, written by a believer, includes an exhaustive bibliography.

Larson, EThe Deceivers. London, John Baker,1966. Various hoaxers and impostors - has article on Princess Caraboo, Cagliostro, and is the only source I know of for Sarah Wilson.

Masson, Jeffrey MoussaieffLost Prince: The Unsolved Mystery of Kaspar Hauser. The Free Press, New York, 1996. Definitive recent study of Kaspar Hauser, suggesting he was the lost Prince of Baden.

Newton, MSavage Girls and Wild Boys. London, Faber and Faber, 2002. Up to date collection of feral children accounts - excellent articles on Memmie Le Blanc and Kaspar Hauser.

Playfair, Guy Lyon. The Indefinite Boundary. London, Souvenir Press, 1976. Sometimes disturbing journey into the realm of the supernatural, especially poltergeists. The source for Maria Jos Ferreira case.

Raison, J. and Goldie, MCaraboo. The Servant Girl Princess: The Real Story of the Grand Hoax. Moreton-in-Marsh, The Windrush Press,1994. Tells the story of Princess Caraboo using factual information mixed with fictionalised letters and diaries. Useful but occasionally confusing as to what's fiction and what's real.

Reader's DigestThe Reader's Digest Book of Strange Stories, Amazing Facts. London, 1976. Collection of readable but rarely reliable accounts, includes short pieces on Kaspar Hauser and Charles Waterton, amongst others. Good introduction to the subject but read with care.

Sieveking, P.  'Wild Things'. Fortean Times 161, August 2002. 

Sitwell, EdithEnglish Eccentrics. Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1971. Sitwell's article on Princess Caraboo contains minor errors, also has a piece on Charles Waterton, written in Sitwell's own rather eccentric style.

Spence, LewisThe Encyclopedia of the Occult. Bracken Books, London, 1988 (1920). Dated but useful collection of occult material, including biographies.

Spencer, John & Anne. The Poltergeist Phenomenon. London, Headline. 1997. Investigation into the poltergeist phenomenon.

Tabori, Paul. Harry Price - Ghost-Hunter. London, Sphere Books 1974. (1950). Contains factual errors but still an entertaining read.

Wells, JPrincess Caraboo: Her True Story. London, Pan Books,1994. Excellent account of the author's fascination with and search for the real Princess Caraboo, containing some absorbing discoveries.

Wilson, ColinThe Occult. St Albans, Mayflower Books, 1973. Wilson's most entertaining non-fiction book and an interesting overview of the occult, with references to Dion Fortune, Alexandra David Neel, Anglique Cottin and other mysterious people.

Wilson, ColinPoltergeist! A Study in Destructive Haunting. Sevenoaks, Kent, New English Library. 1982. Absorbing but limited study of the poltergeist, includes discussions of Anglique Cottin and Eleonore Zugun cases.

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