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Psychic Healing & Spiritual Enlightenment

By now Manning was apparently getting tired of experiments testing his psychic abilities, and in 1977 decided to travel to India in the hope of finding some spiritual enlightenment. After a spiritual awakening beneath the Himalayas, he decided that from then on he would only become involved in research that might benefit other people. Consequently, for around five years he took part in a comprehensive series of tests at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Texas, at the University of California, and at London University. These tests produced a large number of scientific reports on his psychic healing ability, and Matthew was able to demonstrate under laboratory conditions his capacity to influence the rate of degradation of human blood cells and enzymes, the death rate of cancer cells, and the remote influencing of a person's brainwave pattern. In one test of his healing powers with US scientist Dr John Kmetz, Matthew apparently managed to kill cancer cells in a glass flask by concentration and laying on of hands.

Full-time Psychic Healer

According to his several autobiographies Manning now decided to channel his powers and become a full-time spiritual healer, and has since helped thousands of people who have come to him with their problems. His sessions, usually conducted from his home in Bury St. Edmunds, generally last 15-20 minutes during which her passes his hands over the patient's body. He often tells those he treats that they do not need faith, as he has his own. He says 'The idea that healing only works if you believe in it is simply not true! Healing can work on a sceptical person yet sometimes fail to help a believer.' In August 1980, New Zealander Idris King, who suffered from migraine, said that when Matthew put his healing hands on her head, she felt a slight tremble or shudder inside her head, and when he touched the base of her neck, she felt as though something was being drawn out from her spine. Strangely, her watch had also stopped at the exact moment that the session started. After the healing treatment, her migraine apparently disappeared. 

In Freiburg, a man called Friedrich Landenberger, who suffered from osteo-arthritis, allegedly threw his arms above his head in happiness after a few minutes' healing with Manning, much to the amazement of watching doctors. Manning has often treated cases considered incurable by 'orthodox' doctors. In Switzerland, he was apparently able to help to a six-year-old autistic child, Simon Acherman, and cured eight-year-old Claude Fontana completely of a malfunctioning bladder.  

Based on accounts in his numerous books it appears that Matthew Manning has demonstrated an astonishing range of paranormal abilities>, from controlling poltergeist phenomena, to being able to see auras, astral travel,  automatic writing and drawing, and finally healing. However, those sceptical of Manning's claimed abilities are perhaps justifiably suspicious of the lack of sources for the unexplained happenings surrounding Manning outside of his own accounts. It is true that Manning has been tested and examined by reputable scientists, but the results of these tests do not seem at present to be available. These days Manning is apparently no longer able to move objects across the room using the power of his mind. Over the years he claims he has learned to channel his' psychic energy', which initially manifested itself in poltergeist activity, solely into healing. Matthew has lectured to the Royal Society of Medicine and addressed MPs in the Houses of Parliament on the subject of his healing work. Today he continues as a full-time healer, lecturing and giving demonstrations of his distinctive healing techniques all over the world.

It is somewhat unfortunate that the vast majority of information about Matthew Manning originates from books written by himself detailing his career and abilities. While this is no fault of Manning's, an objective biography of this intriguing man would be of inestimable value, both to conventional scientists and to parapsychologists, and is long overdue.

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