A Real Ghost Picture from Dorset?


Ghost Picture - DorsetPhotograph of a Ghost?

This alleged photo of a ghost was taken in Lyme Regis, a coastal town in West Dorset, England, in December 2005.  The location was an indoor camping site at Lyme Regis Boys Club in Church Street. Apparently, when one of  a group of children, a young 2 year-old girl, was seen talking to herself, she was asked who she was chatting with, her reply was she was talking to 'Sam'. According to the photographer there was no Sam in the party and there was no one else in the hall. When everyone had left, one of the adults took some pictures of the hall with a digital camera, and this spooky photo is allegedly the result. Does this photo show a ghostly girl running into the room (Sam?) or is it a trick of the light or of Photoshop?

The building occupied by the Club was  once the Parish Church Hall and was also used by the American Army during World War 2. It was taken over  by the Boys Club in 1978 and extensively refurbished in 1993. There seems to be no lore of ghosts and hauntings in the locality, though Lyme Regis itself does have its fair share of folkloric-sounding ghostly visitors.

Ghosts of Lyme Regis

A lady staying overnight at the Volunteer Inn on New Years Day 2000, was standing at the bar when she felt the atmosphere go cold and a shiver run down her spine. She turned around and saw three men dressed in colourful Musketeers' style clothing drinking from tankards. It was speculated that she saw the ghosts of officers from the Civil War Siege of Lyme Regis in 1644. 

At the Angel Pub, objects have allegedly been seen to appear and disappear, doors open and close on their own, and a sudden, intense cold has been felt. Apparently, there is a ghost responsible for this, that of a young woman, the daughter of a former publican. There is also another ghost here, the phantom of a Mrs. Langton, the proprietress of the pub in 1926. The Great House, or Chatham House, in Broad Street, is said to be haunted by Judge Jeffries, the famous hanging judge. Twelve People were hung at Lyme Regis by Jeffreys,  who dined in the Great House. Though the original building is long gone, Jeffries' ghost is apparently still seen, wearing his robes, wig and black cap and carrying a bloody bone.

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