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The Delphos Wolf Girl - A Possible UFO Connection?

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The Alleged UFO Connection

Two and a half years previously, in December 1971, Delphos had again been at the centre of controversy over a strange occurrence, involving a supposed UFO sighting and landing. On 2 November 1971, sixteen-year-old Ronald Johnson was looking after sheep with his dog, at the back of his family home, when he heard a rumbling noise and saw a mushroom shaped object illuminated by blue, red and orange lights about 25 metres away in a grove of trees. 

The UFO was described as about eight feet in diameter, and seemed to be hovering about five feet off the ground. Before long the object began to glow at the base and took off with a whining noise, the glow temporarily blinding the boy. Johnson brought his parents out just in time to see the UFO, now high up in the sky, but over a full moon in size, before it vanished over the horizon. Walking into the grove of trees where the object had been, the family found a glowing grey-white circle. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson felt inside the circle and found that the soil felt as if it were crystallised. Strangely, Mrs. Johnson noticed that her fingers had become numb after touching it and that when she tried to rub off the bits of soil on her leg, the part of the leg she touched also became numb. Soil samples taken from the glowing ring where the UFO had supposedly landed were obtained by a ufologist called Ted Phillips, who had them tested by seven independent laboratories. These tests showed the presence of fungus-like substance but were ultimately inconclusive as to the exact nature of the ring, and there is still much debate about the case.

 For days after the UFO sighting Ronald's eyes were painful, and he had headaches and suffered from nightmares for around a week. Later Ronald Johnson claimed that he'd acquired psychic powers since his close encounter with the UFO. A short time after the sighting, he reported meeting a strange 'wolf-girl' with wild blond hair, wearing a torn cloth coat, who escaped him by running away on all fours when he got close.

Quite what Ronald's psychic powers were is not clear, but if his statement was true could he have seen the same wild girl that the Stouts and others claimed they saw three years later? If so, who or what was she? Was she was an abandoned child, a runaway, or a strange entity connected with the UFO? Or are both the UFO and the feral girl cases simply hoaxes? Recent research does indeed show that the entire Delphos 'wolf-girl' story was invented by bored local kids and simply got out of hand. Perhaps the hoax was inspired by Ronald Johnson's encounter with a blond wolf girl two and a half years before, which was probably also an invention.

A more bizarre report, from the early spring of 1971, involved inhabitants of a neighbourhood in Mobile, Alabama, who claimed they had encountered a  'wolf woman' roaming around at night, described by one witness as having the top half of a woman and the bottom part of a wolf. The Mobile police investigated the reports but the results were inconclusive, unsurprisinlgy as this sighting has all the hallmarks of either another hoax or a creature from the realms of folklore.

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