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Places that remain mysterious even today


While archaeologists are doing everything they can to uncover ancient civilization, a lot of things still exist in obscurity. There are more questions than answers existing today in relation to these findings. They have since been termed as mysterious places that exist in the world today. And here is a list of some of those places that people have considered mysterious.

1 Easter Island

This remote island is known for hosting the Rapa Nui people. This tribe built some 887 giant rocks called Moai statues with the lightest rock weighing 86 tones. The surprising fact here is that despite the weight of these statuses, the Rapa Nui people were still able to move them around from one place to the other on the island. The method that was used to accomplish this task is still unknown.

2 The Pyramids of Giza

These pyramids were built by people of the ancient world even though they still exist today. However, with all the enormous size and style of erecting these structures, no one has figured out how these pyramids were built and for what purpose. This architecture remains mysterious as there are lots of questions that have never been answered today.

3 Gobekli Tepe

This religious site in Turkey called Urfa was discovered in 10,000 BC which predates the great Pyramids by 7000 years. While excavations on the site only began in 1995, more questions have since come up than there are answers. This was the age of hunters and gatherers. If anything, technology was primitive. So how were they able to come up with such magnificent structures?

4 Plain of Jars

These jars are found in the Xieng Khouang province of Laos. Their height is 10 feet and they are spread out in a manner that suggests clusters. Some of the clusters consist of over 250 jars. Myths have since come up surrounding the intended purpose of these jars. Some say that they were used as burial sites while others say that they were used by giants to store alcohol. Whatever the case, no one will ever get answers.

5 Nazca lines

Each year tourists visit the city of Ica just to see what these lines look like in real life. Using Peru as a reference point, this city is situated some 200 miles south. The lines measure up to 660 feet and are only viewed from a high point. That would also mean taking a plane or watching from the top of a tower. The mystery of these drawings is that no one knows why they were drawn in the first place. However, some myths suggest that these lines have spiritual connotations.


These stones were erected between 3000 BC and 2000 BC in Wiltshire, England. They underwent several modifications in a span of 5,000 years. Theories revolve around transportation of these rocks to their significance in relation to a meeting point. This site is still a good avenue for those who want to enjoy the warmth of the summer season.

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