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Ghosts or Spirits?


Paranormal activity is a sign of something that is around you and beyond the human physical life form of a person. The afterlife has never been scientifically proven because nobody truly knows what happens after you die. Paranormal signs may come in several different ways, whether it's electrical appliances or lights switching on and off, or just a strong feeling that there is a presence in the room. Many people have experiences that they cannot explain and sometimes much of what they say about it can be influenced by their spiritual or religious beliefs.


"ghost" CC BY 2.0 by Beat_Tschanz

What is a Ghost?

A ghost is the spirit or energy of someone who has died and can often be seen by the human eye. Ghosts are also known as apparitions, phantoms or poltergeists and can also be an animal as well as a human. People who have experienced seeing ghosts describe them as a pale or clear shape of a human or a shadow or outline. Some people believe that a ghost only appears in a house or place because it is hanging on to a memory from a former life there. Ghosts can sometimes be the relatives or loved ones of family members, wanting to stay in the home to be close by to them.

What is a Spirit?

A spirit is like a ghost but does not necessarily reside in a particular place. A spirit is usually a loved one of somebody, who has passed on and is now living in the spirit world. A spirit is also not necessarily seen by the human eye, and is much more likely to be felt like a presence. Psychic Mediums who work on an intuitive level can connect with spirits, communicating with them to pass on messages to loved ones. Psychic readings can be an enlightening experience and a way of getting in touch with loved ones who have died, helping people to find solace and to know that they are still around them. Spirits are believed to choose to be around us, to check in and see how we are and to bring us comfort and support when we need it. Although you may not have a Psychic or Medium sensing ability, many people can still feel their loved ones around them, or sense a chill in the air if their presence is nearby.

Ghost girl

"Ghost girl" CC BY 2.0 by Denis Defreyne

Life After Death

Everyone has their own personal opinion on life after death and because there is no recorded scientific proof, there is no right or wrong. Buddhism firmly believes in the afterlife and that when somebody dies, their soul is reincarnated with no previous memory of their former life. Many spiritual people believe that our souls live on, that we all have past lives and that our soul is developed more and more in each life by learning valuable lessons, identifying boundaries and living our complete soul's journey. Perhaps the closest we have come to scientifically knowing whether life after death exists is from studies where 40% of medical patients who have had a near-death experience claim to have had a strong awareness still, even though their heart had stopped beating.


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