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The Battle of Los Angeles Mystery


The world is more than we think. Science has answered a lot of the questions we had before - like the fact that there is no sun god. Or that the earth isn't flat. However, there are a few things that science hasn't been able to do yet -like finding alien life.

This, in spite of the fact that there have been hundreds of UFO sightings over the years. Sure, some of them have turned out to be fake, but many don't have answers yet. Or hint at major cover ups. Kind of like that happened in the famous Battle of Los Angeles in 1942.

The incident occurred during the World War 2, and the official version was given that it was actually an enemy attack, before the then Secretary of Navy Frank Knox said that there wasn't any. Yet, scores of people in Los Angeles on that day witnessed the same thing - an aerial barrage that lasted for hours.

It all started when the United States Coast Artillery Association spotted a balloon up in the sky - around 1 am in the night, and air raid sirens were sounded throughout the city. The city went under total blackout, and with air raid wardens being summoned to their positions and as many as 1,400 shells were fired. The fires continued frantically till around 4:14 am, before the blackout order being lifted at around 7 in the morning.

And then, the government tells everyone - it was nothing!

This, in spite of the fact that many vehicles and buildings were damaged by shell fragments, and as many as five civilians died. There were even reports of two people having died from heart attacks in the chaos.

Mysteries often become so because due to the element of the unknown and County Galway proves just that. The area is scattered with abandoned mansions, which is unsettling enough, but what really adds to its appeal is that they appear to have come out of nowhere. Among the most famous of the collection of mansions is Tyrone House which is surrounded by a fence and comes complete with warning signs denying entry despite there being no one around to police this. The mansions have been abandoned in every sense of the word; by their owners, caretakers and also by the media.

When World War 2 ended, Japan issued a clarification that they did not actually commit any attack on Los Angeles. So, if the Japanese weren' t in the sky on that day, who was? Or were the thousands of eyewitnesses actually wrong?

The government's approach aroused more questions than one - including whether there was a secret base in northern Mexico or whether there were any Japanese submarines nearby. Or of course, whether this was the work of aliens.

In fact, then representative Leland Ford of Santa Monica asked the government to give a complete explanation about the whole event - which fell well short of explaining what really happened.

Newspapers of that time carried out a number of reports as to how the government version wasn't actually right, and of the countless eyewitness versions.

There have been a number of incidents since that day - of people reporting UFO's - however, perhaps there has never been a more intensive cover up than this perhaps, where a whole city was involved.

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