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How To Make Sure Your Car Doesn't End Up In A Car Graveyard


Vehicle graveyards are just what their name suggests - a place where cars go to die, slowly rusting away until they are saved or, more commonly, scrapped. The decaying vehicles are a sorry sight to see (as well as being more than a little bit creepy) and some probably come with interesting and strange stories. If your car is your pride and joy, the thought of it ending up in a car graveyard is too horrific to contemplate. How can you ensure your car doesn't end up in a car graveyard? The answer is: car insurance. One of the most important benefits of car insurance is that it encourages you to stay on the right side of the law. Car insurance will help save you from large fines, suspension of your license, impoundment of your vehicle and could even save you from going to prison. The benefits of car insurance certainly outweigh the downsides and knowing which type of insurance is right for you can be the difference between you driving into the sunset in your beloved car or mourning its loss as it rests in a car graveyard.

Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance is perfect for anyone looking to try out a new set of wheels or need a bigger car for the day. Short term car insurance lets you take our cover for car for as little as a day or up to 28 days. Many companies allow you to take out short term car insurance over the phone or online so the whole process is super quick and easy, you'll be hitting the road in no time! Short term car insurance is a great option if you've just bought a new car and need it to your new car home on its first drive. It's also very helpful that you can take out short term car insurance alongside your usual policy, which is ideal if you need to get insured on a second vehicle. Try going on to find the best short term car insurance for you.

Car Insurance

Although it depends on what sort of policy you take out, car insurance typically covers your vehicle and the damage you might cause to other vehicles, the property of other drivers and to other motorists. Insurers set the amount you pay on a number of different factors such as your car, your record as a driver and personal circumstances. As it is a legal requirement for all motorists to insure their car and should you have an accident with another driver, regular car insurance will help ensure your car is covered against damages.

Gap Insurance

You may be surprised with just how much your new car drops in value as soon as you drive it out of the car dealership. Your new car is likely to lose 40% of its sale value in its first year and drop a further 60% on that over its next three years. For many people (discounting their property), a car is the most expensive thing we are likely to ever own, which makes gap insurance a worthwhile investment. If your car gets stolen or written off, your insurer pays you what it was worth at the time, which, in many cases ends up being far less than what you paid for it, even if it is new. The gap between what the insurers pays you and the amount you originally paid for the car is called gap insurance.

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