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Mysterious Places in Europe


Europe has a rich and longstanding history stretching back thousands of years. It's no wonder that when it comes to both natural and manmade mysteries, Europe takes top spot in being the biggest attraction of tourists. If you are looking for an unusual twist to your next European adventure, we have compiled five of the most spine tingling destinations guaranteed to leave you in awe.

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1. Rome's Catacombe dei Cappuccini

Rome' s Capuchin Crypt Seeking out alternative Roman architecture with a seriously morbid twist to boot? The Capuchin Crypt under the church of Santa Maria della Concezione cannot be beaten when it comes to creepy interior design. Housing the bones of over 4000 Capuchin Monks, the crypt is entirely decorated with their remains. From bones nailed to the ceilings in intricate patterns, to walls piled high skulls, you're sure to leave with a gentle reminder of your own mortality.

2. Romania's Hoia-Baciu Forest

Commonly referred to as the world's most haunted forest, this woodland in Romania isn't short of claims and witnesses when it comes to paranormal activity. This one square mile area of woodland is a prime example of why you are told to never judge a book by its cover. There are frequent stories from local residents of people wandering into the forest never to be seen again and so has been given the friendly nickname of 'The Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania'. Amassing an impressive range of stories (ranging from UFO sightings to ghostly goings-on), it has made the toughest traveller think twice about wandering around for too long.

3. Ireland's Abandoned Mansions

Mysteries often become so because due to the element of the unknown and County Galway proves just that. The area is scattered with abandoned mansions, which is unsettling enough, but what really adds to its appeal is that they appear to have come out of nowhere. Among the most famous of the collection of mansions is Tyrone House which is surrounded by a fence and comes complete with warning signs denying entry despite there being no one around to police this. The mansions have been abandoned in every sense of the word; by their owners, caretakers and also by the media.

4. Sweden's Haunted Vicarage

Borgvattnet is situated two bus journeys and 5.5 hour train ride away from its capital of Stockholm, making it one of the most obscure contenders on this list. Claims of ghostly activities include guests being knocked off of chairs and pulling laundry off of clothing lines. First wearing its ‘haunted’ title in 1927, the vicarage now functions as a hotel and restaurant which gives overnight stay certificates to those brave enough to stay the night! Do you dare?

5. Spain's Belmez Faces

In 1971 a woman in the small town of Belmez noticed a face had materialised on the concrete floor of her kitchen and despite her son replacing the concrete to offer her peace of mind, the face reappeared. If that’s not odd enough, other faces, both male and female, have appeared on the floor of the house over several years with no explanation.


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